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Sub Club

Subway® restaurants have a special customer loyalty card, the Sub Club card.

Sub Club cards are available from every Finnish Subway® restaurant.

The card is stamped for each Sub, flatbread*, wrap* or salad purchased. One 15 cm Sub, salad and/or wrap* gets one stamp, while a 30 cm Sub gets two stamps. No additional stamps are given for additional Subs and salads given as part of the same purchase.

Once you have filled your card, eight (8) stamps, you can use the card to purchase a 15 cm Sub, flatbread*, salad or wrap of your choice, when you buy a large soft drink (L). Two filled cards give you a 30 cm long Sub or flatbread* when you buy a large soft drink (L).

The Sub Club card benefits cannot be combined with any other benefits or offers. The card is valid for six (6) months from the date of issue.

Participation may vary depending on the restaurant. *If available.